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Monthly Support Group (free)

I lead a monthly support group for caregivers of people with ME/CFS, Long COVID, and related illnesses via Zoom. While this support group is focused on partner caregivers, any type of caregiver is welcome to join since we face similar challenges. Why join?

- We focus on monthly topics that I curate and prepare lightweight lessons and guidance on. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas on the monthly topic. Previous topics include how to deal with loneliness, ambiguous loss, and our complex relationships with our loved ones who are ill. 


- We dedicate time to meet in smaller breakout groups to connect with others in a more intimate way, to tell our individual stories, hear others’ stories, and give support and ideas to help each other. 

- Now that attendance has grown over the past 5 years, we’ve started using the Zoom chat to introduce ourselves, ask questions that are top of mind, and help answer others’ questions with feedback from everyone’s personal experiences – so we are collectively helping each other.  

- If you’d like to be added to the email list where I send meeting reminders and announce topics, please use the button below to email me.

Instructional Blog Posts (free)

Using my skills as a former journalist, I’ve started writing blog posts that give guidance on topics that chronic illness caregivers face. We’ve covered topics such as:

  • Ambiguous loss

  • How to tell people about your loved one’s complex illness

  • How to deal with the emotional aspect of “disability clutter”

  • Five easy gratitude practices for caregivers

- To read them, go to



- To suggest a topic or collaborate on a blog post,

please use the button below to email me.


Online Community Hub (free)

To extend the monthly support group, we’ve recently launched a free community hub off of social media where people can interact with other chronic illness caregivers. Why join?

  • Connect with others on a similar journey.

  • Discuss how to deal with the challenging emotions of being a caregiver.

  • Learn and share practical tips on managing multiple aspects of caregiving, such as working with doctors, dealing with disability processes, and improving household operations. 

  • Ask questions on topics you need help with, leveraging the collective wisdom of the community.

  • Answer others’ questions by sharing what you’ve learned in your journey as a caregiver. 

  • Get notifications of news and research on ME/CFS/Long COVID, articles about caregiving, advocacy opportunities, and other helpful resources.

  • Find fellow chronic illness caregivers who live near you. You could share information on local resources and even meet up in person. 

“Strengthening the Resilient Self” Course (paid)

As caregivers, we face utter exhaustion on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. How do we counter this? By building the resilient self. Learn grounding emotional practices, energizing physical routines, and restorative spiritual (Zen and other non-denominational) practices in this course.

  • Six 90-minute live sessions with structured lessons, group coaching, and collaborative sharing.  

  • Private area on the online community portal dedicated to this special group to discuss topics outside of class sessions for an extra level of support from Kim and fellow students.

  • Recorded session videos. You can watch recordings in case you miss a class or want to review them again. 

  • Low-effort homework to reflect and practice what we discuss. 

  • Accountability buddies to work & connect with. 

  • The next cohort will start at TBD date.


If you would like to join or have questions about this course, please reach out. There will be scholarships available.


Inner Wisdom Coaching (paid)

Many caregivers feel overwhelmed with caregiving responsibilities and sometimes lose a sense of themselves. If that's you, you may benefit from 1-on-1 support. 

Personal coaches are like having a personal facilitator for your life. Coaching is for people who want to create strategies for success and stay on track.

The coaching I offer emphasizes helping people see the inner wisdom they have within themselves. I can help you clarify the next steps to meet your goals.  

I am completing a program to become a board-certified health & wellness coach.


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